Normally I’d call the two guys pressuring Thomas into killing shit total assholes… but then again… consider who they’re shooting at

Motorcycle provided by Orange County Choppers

Design: Paul Jr.

Fabrication: Mikey

Assembly: Luiz Chavez

Barking Pit Boss: Paul Sr.

Disassembly: PhantomSavage

This one is a little light on the laughs compared to other parts because this is really just a filler until something actually happens in the game, but I know you people don’t want to miss a second of me killing shit so I made this anyway for your entertainment, ENJOY!!!!

The key you get from Cliff actually allows you to unlock a room next door with three survivors and a handy little book item, but rescuing them would actually mean I cared about helpless nit-wits that won’t defend themselves.

He was never seen again….

Yes I know I did not say my name and stuff in the begging of this part but I did some editing to make things shorter…

Want a balloon? They ALL float down here. When you’re down here with us, you’ll float too!

Finally we get to the drinking….

After 9 parts of zombie bashing I need a drink….

A more detailed guide of Juice Mixing can be found here:

Finally, after 9 parts of organizing a freaking guest has finally made it into a video.

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