The continuation of the Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal Episode 1 Commentary!

Because that information TOTALLY wouldn’t have been useful until this point…

Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal Episode 1: I’ll bring it to’em

This wasn’t so much of a preplanned commentary as it was a spur of the moment watching of the new Yu-Gi-Oh series with CanisSkye. Fortunatly, because we’re freaks we happen to record ever single damn thing in every skype call we have, so, we got it all on tape! After some editing (thanks to CanisSkye) the video is done and ready to be watched for those interested. The subtitles are a little different in this version because the version we had watched on youtube was removed.

Want some CanisSkye in your cup? Go check out her blog at


Books are important! I myself am a personal fan of the beautifully illustrated and masterfully written works of Mr. Hugh Hefner…..

Out of town AGAIN

Isn’t life such a bitch? Two weeks ago, as you know, I had to go out of town for a week so my dad could record another interview with the history channel and hype his new book coming out (will link the book to you once it’s published if you like). It was a long, tiresome trip with many complications…. but eventually we got back home…. however, for ANOTHER week there was a cable and internet shortage in my area, so once again I was forced to moderate my site and forums via laptop.

Well, about 3 or 4 days ago I FINALLY got my internet and cable back, and I’ve enjoyed spending countless hours within the retarded realms of the internet as usual, but there is yet another complication that has arisen I had forgotten about.

One of my brothers are getting married, and it’s out of town…. Friday afternoon, tomarrow at the time of this blog post, I have to go out of town AGAIN for I don’t know how long…. I’m guessing a week, HOPEFULLY shorter than that, but obviously this puts a dink in my weekly upload of dead rising……


I’m making this blog post to

A; Notify you of what’s going on

and B; to let you know that I will be posting dead rising a day EARLY this week! =D

I’m rendering and making videos today and I’ll be posting videos either LATE tonight or EARLY in the morning, then once again I will be away but I will try to make twitter updates via laptop on!/PhantomSavage while on the trip.

Stay tuned for more Dead Rising ;D

What would the children think!?

The Low Down

Okay, so, here’s what going on…..

I’ve been gone ALL WEEK traveling up and down Texas BY CAR so my dad can record an interview with the history channel…. As fun as the trip was, it was also hell, very little rest and lots of travel on some VERY HARD beds I might add…. But anyway, long story short, we FINALLY get back home on tuesday to find that there’s a cable shortage in the area, naturally cutting off the internet I use as well as cable TV. To make things even worse, the next morning, the power goes off, and I have to wait for it to come back on.

Eventually it does come back on, but the cable outage was still in effect…… it’s been this way for five days, and APPARENTLY even longer before I even got back…. I’ve been using the same damn lap top I’ve used on the entire trip to tap into a different internet provider in the area this entire time, rendering me almost completly useless as far as work is concerned, especially considering that 90% of the work I do REQUIRES internet connection.

Fortuantly, I had pre-recorded the next couple of Dead Rising videos before hand, and I ALWAYS work off of my external hard drive, so All I have to do is connect my external to the lap top and upload my stuff as promised.

The new dead rising will be up shortly, and I’ll try to find a way to get this damned mess fixed.

For some reason the footage glitches at points, will for the next couple of episodes, will fix when possible

ALSO! Special thanks to aSURPRISEDbitch for the epicly AWESOME new intro!

Many of you wanted to know how to obtain the clothes I wear throughout the LP… well…. REQUEST GRANTED

Not only does this video tell you that, but also it should serve as a warning to stay away from Cultists in the mall like the plague for the most part.

They have knives, they are fives time harder to kill than zombies, they blow up in your face, they always attack in groups, and most annoying of all, they can kidnap you and send all your clothes and weapons into oblivion.

They just piss me off, hence why I spite them.

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