What is “The Phantom Underground”?

The Phantom Underground is a blog/web series comprised of comical, informative, and down right entertaining Video Game Walkthroughs, Reviews, and other various videos and sketches. If you’re interested in obtaining information about beating certain games, or are just looking for an outlet of entertainment, you’ve come to the right place.

Who are you!?

My name is PhantomSavage, or as some people in the voice acting industry know me, Kyle Landwalker. For four years I have created and refined skills in Let’s Playing (a fancy name for video game walkthroughs with commentary) as well as commentaries over movies, cartoons, anime, and other media in various comical MST3K/Riff Trax styles, making an established presence and reputation in both the Let’s Playing and Riffing communities. Before my antics over the internet were started I spent the rest of my life growing up in the radio business, learning the art of voice work from professionals like my parents, study of inspiring influences like Mark Hamill and Jim Cummings, and opportunities to hang out and converse with such people as Lifehouse, Strunz and Farah, and The Whalers among others. These influences and opportunities combined with the setting I grew up in gives me an excellent skill set of which to use not only in voice work, but also for my internet projects as well.

Where did the name “PhantomSavage” come from?

Believe it or not it started off as a character I was going to role-play as for an upcoming MMORPG back in the day. The game was Pirates of The Burning Sea I believe, and the idea behind my character was that he was a noble, wealthy admiral’s son aboard a ship when it was attacked by pirates. In the attack he was hit by a small piece of shrapnel in the head, which changed his personality (and there actually IS a part of the brain that controls personality). He was a nice boy, but because of the personality change and possible brain damage he went off the deep end, completely psycho. Because of his handiness he was raised by the pirates till an older age, at which point he killed off the entire ship one by one. The idea was that he always wore this very masquerade-eskque mask that concealed his entire face, leaving the legend on the seas similar to black beard’s that he wasn’t human, more like a “Savage Phantom”, or as he’s become to be known “PhantomSavage”. Of course, when the game finally came out I realized how badly the game sucked, so I dropped the whole period piece story and attuned it to my own insane qualities about myself in the present time.

Are you really a voice actor?

Yes. I have done various commercials and dramatizations for radio, and have worked on many web independent projects for video games, videos, and other media.

My Newest Voice Animation Demo of 2011 can be found here: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/392873

What are your aspirations?

Entertainment! It doesn’t matter if I’m sitting on my ass and making videos for the internet while making ad revenue, or being paid to star in a major motion picture, as long as I’m entertaining somebody, I’m perfectly happy!

That being said, I would like to achieve a few things. Mainly I just want to make these videos and keep getting bigger and bigger so I can entertain as many people as I can, maybe even one day join the team at TGWTG.com, but other than that a life long aspiration I’ve had is to be a voice actor in a big time video game. I’ve done plenty of radio and internet media as far as voice is concerned, but I’ve never had the luxury of working as a VA for a mainstream video game release. And I’m not just talking about a lead role either! I am somewhat practical in nature at times, so I don’t expect to be the main lead of anything, I could care less if I were grunt #5! Just the awesome feeling of hearing my self in a video game, and industry I’ve always admired, would be the most awesome thing for me.

Another big one is that I’ve always wanted to voice the superhero or super villain in a Saturday morning style cartoon. You can’t be a Superhero in real life, but you can voice one!

What Editing Program do you use?

It really depends on what I’m recording, what I’m recording it with and in what format. For the most part, if I recording off my console in a MP4 or M2TS format, I’ll generally edit it together in Magix Movie Edit Pro 15 PLUS. If I’m recording something off my computer in an AVI format, I’ll usually use Camtasia Studio 7.

What do you record footage with?

To record off of my game consoles I use a DVD recording device known as the Hauppauge HD PVR, which will record the footage in an HD format. To record computer games I use Fraps. For those interested my computer is also a customized Dell Studio XPS 7100 with six-core processor.

What do you use to record and edit sound?

Being in the voice industry my sound equipment is quite extensive.

The actual software I use to record my commentary is Adobe Audition 1.5, for the most part the other capture devices take care of recording the sound of that games or whatever material is being recorded.

The hardware used is quite more detailed and numerous. There’s a saying in the voice industry that if you’re microphone’s name sounds like a military launch code, then it’s probably a good one. That is such the case for my microphone, I use a directional microphone electro-voice RE27 N/D with a sound cancelling sock. With it I use a Behringer XENYX 802 mixing board.

Mixer: http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/802.aspx
Microphone: http://www.electrovoice.com/product.php?id=92

It’s also worth mentioning that it can all be very difficult to set-up, so keep that in mind should you get your hands on similar equipment.

What are your favorite video games?

Any gamer worth their salt knows that asking a gamer what their favorite game is like asking the octuplet mom which kid is her favorite. I didn’t have the privilege of growing up with all the big time mascots of gaming like Zelda and Metroid, though I played a little Mario obviously like everyone does at some point in their lives, but not much (Yes, I was one of those kids that played Duck Hunt more, so what)

I have some fond memories of a few Sega titles like Earth Worm Jim, but I was a PS1 gamer for the most part. Even so, I’ve always had this thing for somehow finding some REALLY obscure titles, mainstream too.

PS1 I remember a game called Incredible Crisis, japanese import series of mini-games with a ridiculous plot line to tie it together…. Lucky Luke was also a fun game as a kid, though it probably hasn’t aged well, but the Lucky Luke series, not just the game, but also the animated movies I was really into as a kid. Jackie Chan Stunt Master is another obscure title I absolutly adored, and is STILL and awesome game to this day.

I played THE HELL out of Megaman Legends of course, and I spent mindless hours on Tron Bonne, really the only Megaman games I ever played. Some mainstream stuff like like Tomb Raider, Crash Bandicoot, a little Spyro here and there.

I actually spent A LOT of time both on the PS1 and the PS2 playing Demo Disks, anyone else remember those? Man, those things were fucking awesome! PS1 was the first game console outside of the shitty Sega CD to USE a CD based gameplay system effectively, and as 3D technology increased in complexity with titles like Tomb Raider and FF7, they really did as much as they could with the official releases of the demo disks to make them look as awesome as possible, gave each disk opening cinematics, awesome settings, sometimes even tied together a little story on the awesome navigation menus. They were really awesome and I spent a lot of time playing those over and over. Many games I just played demos of and never the full versions. It’s sad demo disks and games themselves have degraded so much in modern day.

One game in particular that I have FOND memories of is another obscure title made my Infrogames, Hogs of War! It was a relatively popular release in England, but somehow I got my hands on a copy, and let me tell you, as much as I loved my other games, there was NO game I spent more time playing than THAT!

It was freaking awesome! Basically all it was a 3D version of Worms, but instead of worms they were pigs. SOUNDS very WTF I know, but so much effort was put into it. It had a campaign, an awesome multi-player aspect, the weapons were awesome and much like the overall tone of the game very humorous.

To top it off each and every pig of each and every different colored team (Teams usually being a satire version of real world nations like Russia, China, America, Germany, England) had a Unquie voice and a thousand one-liners for each. And I’m not talking about annoying voices and shitty jokes like Awesome Possum or Bubsy 3D (THE PAIN! THE HORROR! MY EARS!), but I mean GOOD voice acting by a guy named Rik Mayall, who did ALL the voices for that thing, and trust me, once you’ve heard them all… the dude is like freaking Mel Blanc.

Defiantly was my favorite game of my collection at the time.

Once I moved on to PS2 there were a few things like Sly Cooper and Rachet I really dug, and of course Hitman…. but a fangasmic rave over my gitty fan boyish love for the Hitman series is best left for another day.

What are your favorite movies?

TOO MANY! Asking a movie buff what their favorite movies are is much like asking a gamer what their favorite games are, but I can at least start with naming a few in no particular order…

Lord of the Rings Trilogy
V for Vendetta
The Dark Knight
Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy
Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade
Richard III (With Ian McKellen)
Sherlock Holmes (New)
The Hangover
Rat Race
Shrek 2
Toy Story Trilogy
Van Helsing
Halloween 2 (Original)
The Perfect Getaway

What is your favorite music?

I have what many would consider relatively odd tastes in music. If I like the singers or how they look or not, I’m not touching Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, or anyone else cut from that same cloth with a ten-foot pole. Pop music in general is a miss for me honestly, with the exception of some pop during the 80′s, not much though.

As odd as this sounds I actually enjoy listening to a lot of trailer music. NOTHING can be more epic than the orchestra, and when you combine that with other genre elements you got yourself possibly one of the most awesome music genres ever established! Two Steps From Hell, Immediate Music, and X-Ray Dog are a few bands I really enjoy of that genre.

I also like 70′s rock as well as a few 80′s rock songs, if we’re talking about modern rock then I’m going to have to go with Tenacious D.

I’ve also come across two artists recently I’ve gotten really into named Blue Stahli and Celldweller, they’re worth checking out.

What are your favorite books/novels/comics?

I don’t read much of any medium, be it books or comics, but a few books I really enjoyed was the Artemis Fowl series as well as a book called “Evil Genius”. Guess I have a soft spot for stories about young evil masterminds.

As far as books go, outside of those two, I’d say Dean Koontz’s stuff is pretty good, and so is Dan Brown. Eragon and the Harry Potter Series was also excellent…. being the nerd that I am, however, I am forced to put The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings at the very top.

Comics? Pretty much anything by Alan Moore.

Can I send in a request/video idea?

Sure! You can send in any suggestions, video ideas, or just plain fan mail through either a youtube PM at http://www.youtube.com/user/PhantomSavage OR by sending me an e-mail at phantom@phantomunderground.com!