And as it turns out, from what I’m hearing from a semi-reliable source…… this actually ISN’T a fandub…. supposedly this is an official dub of some kind, which in turn makes it even WORSE. I could forgive this shitty voice acting if it were said fandub, because in a fandub you’re really lucky to get someone professional of any caliber involved, and 9 times out of 10 it’s usually a group of friends with nothing better to do. For an OFFICIAL dub however, by ANY company, there is NO excuse. If you’re an official dub of ANY kind you HAVE TO have a GOOD representation of the characters both in pacing and in performance, and even if those are shitty you’d at least expect TO SAY THE NAMES OF CARDS AND CHARCTERS CORRECTLY!!!!!!!!!

I alone could do 90% of the character’s on here by myself and STILL sound 5,000 TIMES better than ANY of em…. and you might say that’s unfair to say because of my background in voice work, but even so, I know many friends of which that DON’T have the same background that could do the SAME thing and still sound thousands of times greater than this pathetic excuse for a dub cast. I’m not even a fan of the series and I can see this treacherous blasphemy with my own two eye!…… and ears!

You know what…. NO…. I’M GETTING ANGRY NOW…. If this really is an OFFICIAL dub of some kind or other, I can guarantee that I myself will attempt to dub this episode myself with the help of maybe a couple of friends…. Even though I’m not a yu-gi-oh fan, I can not allow ANY anime to be dubbed so HORRIBLY! JUSTICE MUST BE DONE!

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