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Apparently, according to the Nostalgia Critic, I, as well as CanisSkye, should change our names to bob, for it is easier to remember…..

Special thanks to SyKhotic for being an ASSHOLE and recording this footage at Con bravo…. awwhhhh, who am I kidding, I love The Nostalgia Critic! I’LL BE YOUR BOB! THEN WE CAN KILL SYKHOTIC TOGETHER… BRUTALLY =D

A special guest appearance on Multi-Purpose Reviews!

For the first part, go here!:

More of randomly playing a game because we were bored and hitting the record button than an actual video, but enjoy none the less!

Trailer First Impressions | Once Upon A Monster

Of course it’s a Kinect game, so it must naturally be stupid by default

2 years and over 10,000 subscribers of hard work has finally come to a close… no more delays, no more procrastinations or technical difficulties.. the end is finally here, AND JUST IN TIME FOR THE FOURTH OF JULY!

Don’t think this is the end though! I’m just getting warmed up! And there’s plenty more of me where this came from! MUHAHAHAHAHA

I hope you’ve enjoyed the series, and I hope you’ll enjoy even more later!

Also, special thanks to ColdMcDowell (or MasterTheCreater on Deviantart) for designing the fancy new Title Card =D


Let’s Play Dead Rising has been going on for over 2 years now, 2 years of blood, sweat, and tears, as well as 2 years of so many memories. Many TV Series haven’t lasted as long as this series, and given the timing of this final episode release date, I think it’s only fitting that I delay the finale a day or two to be released on Independence Day!

I’ve spent the entire week doing nothing but recording, editing, and rendering the finale itself, and I hope that it’s a fitting end to finally put the series to rest.

The fact Dead Rising is finally ending is kinda surreal, and I certainly hope you’ve enjoyed it… so, STAY TUNED FOR THE FINALE THIS MONDAY!

And whatever you do, don’t think for one second this is the end for me…. I’M JUST GETTING WARMED UP! MUHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA