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Many of you wanted to know how to obtain the clothes I wear throughout the LP… well…. REQUEST GRANTED

Not only does this video tell you that, but also it should serve as a warning to stay away from Cultists in the mall like the plague for the most part.

They have knives, they are fives time harder to kill than zombies, they blow up in your face, they always attack in groups, and most annoying of all, they can kidnap you and send all your clothes and weapons into oblivion.

They just piss me off, hence why I spite them.

Normally I’d call the two guys pressuring Thomas into killing shit total assholes… but then again… consider who they’re shooting at

Motorcycle provided by Orange County Choppers

Design: Paul Jr.

Fabrication: Mikey

Assembly: Luiz Chavez

Barking Pit Boss: Paul Sr.

Disassembly: PhantomSavage

This one is a little light on the laughs compared to other parts because this is really just a filler until something actually happens in the game, but I know you people don’t want to miss a second of me killing shit so I made this anyway for your entertainment, ENJOY!!!!

The key you get from Cliff actually allows you to unlock a room next door with three survivors and a handy little book item, but rescuing them would actually mean I cared about helpless nit-wits that won’t defend themselves.

He was never seen again….

Yes I know I did not say my name and stuff in the begging of this part but I did some editing to make things shorter…

Want a balloon? They ALL float down here. When you’re down here with us, you’ll float too!

Finally we get to the drinking….

After 9 parts of zombie bashing I need a drink….

A more detailed guide of Juice Mixing can be found here: