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Yet Another Fan Made Webcomic!

Yet another glorious fan made comic has been completed by MysticWolf77 (FlairNightz)! Fans of Dead Rising will be familar with the events depicted in this one =D

For more webcomics coming soon and other artwork, go here: http://flairnightz.deviantart.com/

PhantomSavage Fan Webcomic!

Isn’t fan art awesome? yes it is… you know what’s more awesome? A FAN MADE WEBCOMIC! Apparently a loyal and devoted Phantom Underground resident by the name of FlairNightz (or MysticWolf77 as he is known on youtube) has donated some of their time and talents to making a fan made comic STARING YOURS TRULY! Naturally this attracted my attention, as I am attracted to myself… er… not just in that way but…. MOVING ON!

This Web comic of sorts refers to the commentaries I did with CanisSkyeBorg (or more widely known as just CanisSkye) on Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal, as well as refrence to Yu-Gi-Oh in general, and obviously my compulsive habbit of slicing any zombie and or Dead Rising Survivor to little pieces… So if you aren’t familar with the commentaries, go watch it, if you aren’t familar with Yu-Gi-Oh, I don’t blame you, and if you aren’t familar with my Dead Rising LP….. what are you doing here again?

It’s also worth mentioning that this glorious individual plans on making more of these webcomics, so go follow him on Deviantart allready BEFORE I CUT YOU TOO… I mean… ask you politely… again…

HERE’S HIS DA!: http://flairnightz.deviantart.com/