The Watchful Protector of Venice

So I was debating to myself what Ezio is more like, Italian batman or Italian Spiderman... this scene to the right music made up my mind.

How to deal with the Legion

So I was bored and listening to music while I played Fallout New Vegas… so I decided to make it a video ;D

Final Fantasy Dissidia Fan Dub: Kefka

Inspired by the glorious video made my ZaffiroRubino:

I love Deus Ex….

Just a little quality test to make sure my capture quality is good for future projects… can’t think of a better way to test it out…

Let’s Play and other projects coming soon!

Okay, so it’s been some time now since the end of Dead Rising, and I’ll admit not much in the way of videos and projects have been cranked out since….. HOWEVER, THIS DOES NOT MEAN PROJECTS HAVE NOT BEEN IN THE WORKS!!!!

As far as projects go I’ve had two in the preproduction for some time now… One is a co-commentary Let’s Play with CanisSkye, and the other is an official Let’s Play starring me and hopefully a special guest appearance.

I won’t reveal much about the official Let’s Play, but I can tell you that I plan on doing something many Let’s Player’s don’t do, and that’s keep a continuity between the two Let’s Play more like an ongoing story line than a Let’s Play series. As far as story goes all I can tell you is that the story will take place after Dead Rising 1, but a few years before Dead Rising 2 (of which I have no plans to Let’s Play any time soon). Footage for the first episode has been mostly recorded with the exception of a few things, but progress on the project is at a halt due to the fact that I’m waiting for a response from a special guest that may appear in the series. I’m going to wait till the end of the month, maybe a little longer, and if I don’t get a response by then I may move on without them.

The co-commentary project is ready to go, and the footage for the first couple of episodes is ready to be commentated over, all that needs completing there is a title card and the commentary itself.

When can you expect the next project? I honestly don’t know which project you’ll see first, but I am CRAMMED with stuff all this month NON-internet related, from tests to a voice session with Kyle Herbert on the first, I’m am BUSY with a ton of stuff, so I can only guess I’ll start pumping out more videos by sometime next month. Once I get some things cleared up by the end of this month I shouldn’t have much to do, so I can really focus on making videos again in addition to other things.

But anyways, it’s been a while since I’ve updated you on things, so THERE YOU GO! GOOD NIGHT… AND GOD SPEED…


Apparently, according to the Nostalgia Critic, I, as well as CanisSkye, should change our names to bob, for it is easier to remember…..

Special thanks to SyKhotic for being an ASSHOLE and recording this footage at Con bravo…. awwhhhh, who am I kidding, I love The Nostalgia Critic! I’LL BE YOUR BOB! THEN WE CAN KILL SYKHOTIC TOGETHER… BRUTALLY =D

A special guest appearance on Multi-Purpose Reviews!

For the first part, go here!:

Random Play!: Killing Floor with SyKhotic Part 1

More of randomly playing a game because we were bored and hitting the record button than an actual video, but enjoy none the less!

Trailer First Impressions | Once Upon A Monster

Of course it’s a Kinect game, so it must naturally be stupid by default

2 years and over 10,000 subscribers of hard work has finally come to a close… no more delays, no more procrastinations or technical difficulties.. the end is finally here, AND JUST IN TIME FOR THE FOURTH OF JULY!

Don’t think this is the end though! I’m just getting warmed up! And there’s plenty more of me where this came from! MUHAHAHAHAHA

I hope you’ve enjoyed the series, and I hope you’ll enjoy even more later!

Also, special thanks to ColdMcDowell (or MasterTheCreater on Deviantart) for designing the fancy new Title Card =D

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